Friday, May 2, 2008

Sharks Win in OT

above Joe Pavelski shoots game winning goal only 1 minute & 5 seconds into overtime to win us the game.

The game tonight was so exciting. I can't even begin to explain how happy I am that the Sharks won! I mean I was confident going in but after Dallas had scored 2 goals & we were down I was not ready to give up, but I was just wondering how playing the way the guys were playing we were going to come back. BUT WE DID IT! They came out 3rd period and dominated most of the play. Nabby did save us a few times...infact he kept us in the game. I take nothing away from the guys who scored our 2 goals in regulation play. But there were a few times play broke down and the score could have been worse.

Anyway we live on to skate another game. This one I can not go to Dallas for. They will just have win it w/o me cheering in the stands! I will however be cheering for either my friends house or my fil's or a food place somewhere.