Sunday, August 2, 2009

Its August already...

So I am still on my path to a healthier & better life. I struggle almost every day. It seems like food consumes everyone. Or maybe because I have a lot of difficulties with food I just see that. I don't know.
Today I had a party with most of my friends. We could all gain from losing weight and becoming more healthy. Most of us have struggled with weight in our adult lives. The last couple of years since being on WW most of the group has gotten better with dishes brought to potlucks or just the amount of food we have at a party in general. Although today its seemed like we had more than enough.
The longer and longer I take to get it, that FOOD shouldn't control my life, I get somewhat stronger. Or maybe its just an illusion. I know right now thought I can't sit in front of food for any long period of time. Even after I feel that I've satisfied my hunger, if I sit in front of chips, bread or any other reachable food I seem to just grab it. There is no purpose for this eating, but it still happens. Why is that? Why do I feel this need or desire to still eat after I already had my share? I don't get it.
Today though I stopped myself, I came to the realization that right now I am not strong enough to over come this. At least for now I can not sit with food in front of me because I will just mindlessly eat because others are doing the same thing.

I know I am rambling and by this time not making much sense but its something I had to write about. I feel like getting my "issues" with food out here helps. Well see :)