Monday, July 27, 2009


The next topic I want to vent about because this is my blog and I can write about anything here in cyberspace.
(Although, many of my friends and family know my blog so yea its not much of a secret) I haven't posted in forever so maybe everyone's lost interest.
Oh well writing for me seems to be helping with my issues so I am going to keep it up! (besides its going to make great material for my psychologist when I need to go see one for my food issues!) I can hand this over and say here read this tell me how to fix me!!!

So I want to know what the deal is...
(Now all my thoughts are going to come out and may not make sense to anyone but here goes)
I don't understand it....why when you tell someone no thank you, I'm fine, or I already ate some they still insist on you having MORE FOOOOD. I have had a weight issue all my life. I am not sure if some of it has to do with me not saying no! (I mean of course a lot is my own fault for not staying active or taking care of myself by watching what I eat, but now it seems like a constant struggle)
Sometimes I just feel like its so much easier to just give in. Its not worth the time, energy or fight about it!
What is it... My GF the other day brought up the same subject. She also thought that maybe the "food pushers" are insecure because of your not eating. I don't know folks I can't explain it. It happens a lot to me.
ALOT at work! Well I guess its just one of the places you spend most of your time so of course there's going to be sooooo much pressure.

Ok so reasons I came up with FOOD PUSHING/Food Pushers:
1. They think your hungry...even though you told them you already ate.
2. They are trying to be a good host... but you've tried something else on the table that is a better choice for your lifestyle.
3. They don't care!!!
4. They're jealous you are doing so well!!!
5. Insecure because if your not eating you think their food is not good
6. Insecure that you can be in control (trying to sabotage your success)
7. I don't know its just me and my crazy thoughts!!!

I am going through this journey some how trying to stay sane. (yea I know what a thought hahahha)
I know I can't control anything anyone else does or what they do with their life, but why oh why are there so many people out there willing to mess with mine?????


Stephanie said...

Jeff is a food pusher!! LOL It drives me crazy. We actually got into a fight at Costco the other day because I wouldn't eat the samples he kept bringing me. You'd think after the 4th time I said no thanks I'm not hungry, he would get it. Instead he gets his feelings hurt and does the guilt trip thing. Arg! Okay, mini vent over. :-D