Saturday, July 25, 2009

The hungrys

So what is it about boredom?
Why does it have your crazy mind thinking... hmmm you must be hungry.
Then I am all 2nd guessing myself,
~Wait am I hungry or just THINKING I am hungry???
The mind games I play while trying to live a healthier lifestyle seem to be never ending.

So what is one to do?
Make something or just wait around longer in your boredom to see if it passes.
~So after 15 minutes I decide to give in I started to make something. Since I'm unsure if I am really hungry or just thinking I am hungry, I have no clue what to cook.

I start out with chopping up some veggies... put them in a pan with some olive oil, so I can get that oil in for the day.
Next I start building upon the few veggies by adding some garlic & onions, a little seasoning. Next what do I do with the veggie mixture... do I add some meat, polenta, or eggs (egg whites).

What I don't get is how come there's no real sign! I think the best I can do is control the urge to just eat crap and actually eat something good for me as apposed to just eating out of boredom.

Its a constant battle in my head sometimes. Why?