Monday, August 10, 2009

What is wrong in my mind... This is about food of course!

~So why in my mind does one of my very first thoughts about going on vacation turn to food?
~ Why is it that in my excitement I also get all mixed up with achy feelings about food, seriously what the heck is up with me?
Like I get all "oh where can we go eat!"
I'm like thinking about food from the moment we leave.
I try in my mind to plan every meal & snack. I'm a freak almost, at least in my thoughts. (I have never shared these most crazy & personal feelings)
I'm so weird, at times I wonder are other people this excited, curious & crazy about food?
Seriously though sometimes I am all oh let's do this or eat this. I
try very hard not to get too much off track, I try my hardest to be
prepared for what might happen. I think of all my usual hang ups or
hinderances to my success!
~Snacks, I'm equiped with the tools that will keep me on the path
to healthiness. Examples I take lots of fruit... Bananas, apples & I
even pick up others to help me be as successful as possible.
~Munchies, I make sure I have similar items to what others might be
eating. Example being for chocolate, I will bring some fiber one bars!
Or I'll eat something completely different 94% fat free popcorn.
Carrots & Hummus instead of chips.
I do all of things to try and keep myself successful. There are so
many obstecles in my way, it just so hard to predict.
When it comes to being with family or anyone else who just doesn't
care about their own health how can they even be supportive or care
about MINE?


Sabina said...

VERY's a chick thing. It's easier to care for others and put ourselves on the backburner. I worry more about Kraig eating healthy (making him lunches with veggies, fruit, lowfat stuff) whereas I'll raid the vending machine because i'm too rushed to make my own lunch (and i feel like ass as a result).

In other news, I discovered that while store-bought rice krispies square are crap compared to the real thing (but the real thing involves washing a bowl of melted marshmallow...ick), they have chocolate-drizzled ones that are only 90cals each...they're AWESOME.