Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ok so its been a month

I know I've been so bad lately about updating my blog.
I've added music to my blog for you listening pleasure. While you read now you can listen to some songs.

Um lets see whats happened in the past month.

I've lost like another 9 pounds I'm in the 250's! My clothes are about falling off. Um yea I should buy some new ones. hehhehe :)
I am almost to the year on WW's point. Can you believe it.

Its hockey time! Play off time and the Sharks took the Pacific Division which gives this home ice advantage. But really we know they've been the best team on the road. But we love to see them winning at home too. They're tied up in the series right now. But off to win the next 2 games away... I'm hoping for that anyway :D

Steve and I are still going to the Temple often. We've got a lot of work done for our ward sisters & brothers. We've also start working on our own genealogy so soon we'll do our own work in the Temple.

I got a new job. Not exactly sure when I'll be starting the new position. Its in the same company I'm working in right now. But free parking & in a different building w/different people also different schedule.

Anyway thats all I have to say for now. So I will try to keep posting more often because I know this monthly posting kind of sucks.