Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lost 3.4 & totally shocked

So tuesday I weighed in and lost another 3.4lbs and was pleasantly surprised but shocked. Just last week I was up a little & the week prior I was down 4.8lbs. SO in the last 3 weeks. I've lost OVER 7 POUNDS! Well I have increased my workouts & I changed to a different program on WW's. They have 2. This one is center more around fruits/Veggies and less processed foods. I guess thats what I would say. Hard to explain it. Anyway I am so happy because I was kind of struggling about a month ago with not losing as much as before.
So I am just hoping that I can keep this up. Not necessarily the 4 & 3's every other week although nice that is rather fast. But 2lbs a week is good hehehee.

In other news How About my Sharks! Joe Thorton scored in the last seconds of the game to win! He tied up the Series and now the Sharks are home today.
Steve and I hope for a BIG WIN! They can do it! We want it more really :)

Yesterday was my friend Wendy's birthday she is the same age as me but OLDER! hahaha :) We went to get massages. I took half day off work. It was fun the spa was very nice. Our other friend Laura came too. Laura and I had a couples massage as always, its funny. Thats like our 3rd couples massage now.