Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Last night the Sharks won!!! So we're playing Dallas now. SO interesting news on that subject. Steve and I are flying to Dallas next Wednesday to go to the game. The couple who sits behind us who are also regular Season ticket holders made a comment last night saying they were going to go to game 6 in Calagary. I said wasn't that expensive? They said about $200 a piece and then tickets would have been more though.
Well I found hockey tickets for under $200 in lower bowl. Then I found flights for about $500 both of us. Yep I'm crazy I know. Here is my reasoning. I am stimilating the ecomony. Yep I am spending my refund from the government. Anyway its done and I'm hoping now the Sharks do their part and WIN in Dallas for us SHARKS FANS spending the money to go see them!

In other WONDERFUL news...I am down another 3lbs! Yes I know almost unbelieveable with my losses the last couple of weeks. But true as of last night. I was shocked when my WW leader told me. OMG I am just about 1/2lb away from 70!
So I think I can make before my year!


Stephanie said...

Yay on the weight loss.

Did I tell you I joined the gym? I've been going almost every day, it's so nice to go! Have a fun trip to see the Sharks play. :)

When are you coming to Disneyland again? We've been going every weekend lately.