Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving day

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So we've been here about 24 hours or so. We ran into a bit of traffic when we hit PHX morning commute there starts early 6am. Its crazy. We got our nails done yesterday so Laura will be very happy. Plus now I am sort of Sharks representing. Because I tried to get Sharks color its not dark enough but I'll live!

Last night I baked some Harvest muffins while everyone else was making pies. I made them for my breakfest this morning & for desert tonight. There a my 2 point replacement for anything high point I might be tempted to have.

I also have alot of veggies to eat. I was in charge of the veggie platter. SO I got alot of what I liked. Yea I planned ahead. Anyway I know I said it before. Have a great Thanksgiving! Stay safe and try to be nice to your family.