Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So much to say....

So last night at WI I lost again this time its something to celebrate. I lost 3.4! So I am finally down over 40+ pounds. It seemed like it took forever! I mean I was losing only .2 & .4 or 1.2 for a few weeks there. The last 10lbs took me what seemed like FOREVER to lose. Why does it seem like you can gain 10 pounds in 2 weeks but then you have to work so hard to lose it?

Steve & I leave tonight for AZ. We're off for our family's Thanksgiving reunion/baptism. This year Sarah will be getting baptized on Saturday. She'll have the love and support of family around her. Anyway I think this is will be our last reunions for awhile. The patriarch of our family won't even be there. Steve's grandfather & his wife aren't feeling up to par anymore so they don't like to be around crowds of people. I am not sure how that will be. I've been around this family for 10 years and all the family functions I've been to I've personally always seen them there. So I think it will be quite strange and sort of empty without them but the show must go on. They will be sadly & deeply missed from the festivities though.
Steve's aunt cooked up something new just for the women too we're going to have a special girls only meeting that should be kind of fun. There are so many boys in our family. But if you think about it once everyone gets married off there will be just as many boys as there will be girls :)

Drive safely & Don't drink and Drive!
If you go shopping be kind & courtesy to those store employees most work for minimum wage.


Me said...

Hope you guys had a safe trip, have a great Holiday!! :-)