Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy about somethings...Upset about things too

So I had a pretty great trip in AZ. We did however have something happen while we were there. Jeff's house got broken into. Which totally sucks. I mean Steve's Dad is so wonderful to us. He is so nice to all my friends too. Whenever we have pool parties at his place we can stay till whenever and he never complains. Anyway it just totally hurts when people violate you this way. I mean its not even my stuff that was stolen. I mean not really. Sure there are non-replaceable pictures of me and Steve that Jeff has taken that I don't have. I guess if they were so important to me I should have done more. But like Dad I figured how would every single computer you ever own or ipod or back be taken.

Everyone keeps asking well does he have insurance well sure there's insurance but that doesn't make it right or any better. And I know its just stuff. I get that. Things can be replaced. But what about the things that can't be replaced, the items given to them by the relatives that have since died.
We took them out for dinner the other night to try and take their minds off it. But its hard not to keep going back to it. Then the insurance company is horrible they want pictures and proof of everything. Well I guess because yea not everyone is very honest. Its really too bad though some of the things were never pictured and gifts so those items probably won't be recovered.
The burglars were also kind enough to leave the refrigerator wide open so it ruined all of Jeff's insulin so he had to go and replace it. Plus it was a huge smelly mess. They totally ransacked the place so it was a lot of mess to and time to clean up to get it back to somewhat normal. They stole one of the cars too. Since they had extra sets of keys in the house and they have more then one car. They now have the wonderful task of re-keying all the cars and getting a new garage opener because they stole that out of Madeleine's car. I guess for when they come back.

My niece Sarah was baptized and that was wonderful to be part of. Even though I didn't do anything but sit in the chairs but it was nice all the same. Just nice to be there and get to see her become a part of the church.

In other news I lost 1.4 pounds over Thanksgiving! So I am down 44.6 pounds total!! Give me a Woot WOOT! Yeah I know its been slow and steady lately but I feel like its picking up here. Last week was good with 3.4 & now 1.4 so I am make some progress. I lost a total of 6.8 for the month which isn't too bad. Over Thanksgiving I made a veggie tray and the veggie dip. I did have a bit of cheese counted the points and moved on. Didn't over eat though and didn't even touch any pie.

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