Sunday, October 12, 2008

Been over a month....

Hello to all my fans or whatever. Its been way over a month since I put anything on my blog which is "BAD MARLENE" huh?

I know you all want to know what I've been up to. Especially since Steve and I just got back from Jamaica. SO let me post some pics from our trip.
Ok where to start hmmmm. How about the reason I gained 10lbs while I was on vacation:

Yea those are just some of the food items I had to contend with. I still haven't gotten a handle on taking it easy. I so know this struggling with my weight will be an ongoing life thing. I know I didn't have to eat as much as I did. But everything was pretty good. I tried almost everything which is part of my problem. Although I went to the gym 3 mornings and also did a lot of walking + went snorkeling twice it still wasn't enough. Boy if I really would have stuck to being on plan I think I could have lost 5-6 pounds.

Next let me show you all the scenery of where we were included!

This was a room with a private swimming pool in the courtyard between bedroom & the sitting room area. We went on a tour of our resort side and our driver showed us this room in was fabulous! Not sure its worth like $700 a night though.

Next I want to show you some pictures of things we did...

This is me @ Dunne River Falls we actually walked up the falls!!! Its was fun but kind of crazy. Its a huge Ocho Rios attraction. Mother nature at its most beautiful.
This is me horse back riding...on the beach. One reason I was trying to lose weight all year. Wanted to go horse back riding in the ocean. Was exhilarating!!!

Me going down waterslide in one of the pools on our side of the resort.

Steve climbing up the pole to go zip-lining. He really enjoyed this...I however did not participate in that activity my fear of heights kind of got to me.

This was our favorite employee of the week, Jackie. She was the head of activities or something. She snuck us into a private buffet dinner for a convention that was going on there. That was kind of fun. There was a steel drum pretty good food.
This picture was actually of our last night. Norman, Lisa, Steve and I dressed up fancy and went to the nicest restaurant at the resort property in Ocho Rios. See Sandals has this shuttle that will bring you to any of their properties in the same area. SO we could go to Dunne's River Inn. Nice place but a lot smaller then our resort.

Trying to think of what else to show you...oh I loved that they raked the beach every morning & night that I took pictures.