Sunday, October 12, 2008

3-0 SHARKS!!!

SO the Hockey Season has started on a big bang of goals! The home opener was a win 4-1, Saturday game was another win for my Sharks 3-1..too bad Steve could have had 4 pizzas this week hehehe.
Then tonight's game was 1-0 in L.A. was a well played game though. 2 "goals" were waved off because of interference & a kick in on the Kings side which made one of them mad enough to break glass.

The series between these two hockey teams is going to get intense as the year goes on. I know its crazy to be so excited we have a LONG season to go. But so far the team is coming along well. We have some puck handling issues and passing that needs to be worked on but over all ok for this point.

Cheecho excited over goal in 1st game!!!

Setoguchi waiting in crease to make plays happen...

Excitement after scoring 1st @ game in LA tonight! Score came from Kaspar. Who Steve and I aren't sure if we like yet. In the first two games he's made some mistakes that made us think "what the heck is he doing on the ice with the big boys?"
But he did a great job tonight. With slapping the puck towards the goal-tender which made it go in. Good for him. 1st NHL goal. Sure he's excited.

Steve and I are so excited to see how things progress this season. Hopefully we'll get further in the playoffs. Its soooo time!