Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am in the 230's

Ok I know my posts are always about my weight loss. Its what I am most proud of right now. Its such an accomplishment. I never thought I could do it like this when I started. Weight Watchers is WONDERFUL. Yeah I am a commercial for them.
So I can see small changes in my body every day. It seems like my stomach is getting smaller. I can't wrap my head around not eating as much sometimes. Its so weird because it just seems like I should eat more. I try to think like I am eating similar to a "thin" person. I only need FUEL for my body.
I went jumping with Wendy today. Trampoline Aerobics. Wow its such a killer going back after about a month of not being there its brutal. But I am glad I went. Its like I am soft though from doing Aqua Aerobics. Like it isn't as strenuous :) I know its totally helping though and strengthening because I could do 25 push ups today. When I 1st start jumping I did like only 5 and by the 5th my arms were shaking. Today it took till 25! So it is making me stronger. Obviously whatever I am doing is working for now. Because I am still losing weight pretty well. I am excited and still motivated to keep going.
I can't wait till I've lost more weight then I still need to lose that is going to be an awesome day & one awesome feeling!!!