Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hard day @ the office

Yep this is what I wanted to do a few times today. Frustrating! My job, can be so frustrating at times. I schedule jobs to be done for customers. I want them to get done for customers. I like to have good customer service. I like being there for both the crew & the customer. I don't like it when there is this total disconnect between the system. I don't want to be the missing link I want to be a fluid system. Maybe thats my problem I care too much. I always have. When I worked as cashier taking payments I stressed when we had long lines and I tried to speed up and go faster because I myself waiting in line would want a cashier to do that. I always try to put myself in the customers shoes. I think sometimes people in the business I work in think they've been there for sooooo long that it doesn't matter they have a job, they can do whatever.

So I've had a hard day. Stressful I feel like pulling my hair out at some of the responses I've heard from the people I with today. But its all part of the job. Don't get me wrong not all jobs are peachy every day. Can't complain. It pays the bills plus some...

Going on vacation soon, only have 1 day left of work then I have 9 days work free!!!! Get to go see my Lil' Sis and the beautiful city of Seattle which it shouldn't be raining now. hehehehe :D
I am then going down southern CA to visit some WOW friends. My sis and I have some plans. Well I have want to get my nails done. Pedis & manis! I want to go to this restaurant I seen on food network. On Diners, Drive-ins & Dives.
So the place I want to go is Voula's Offshore Cafe

I also want to check out Bainbridge island you have to take a ferry across to get there. I have tried to go there twice now. This time I am going to make it. REALLY!