Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath, WL, Sharks, much to say


Its so sad that such a young actor has to die & under such strange circumstances. He has a 2 year old daughter who no longer has a father. He was a nice face to look at in the movies. Ok in all seriousness it is tragic. My friend Sabina usually covers all the gossip about celebrities but hasn't posted anything on her blog just yet about him. Wonder why? Maybe she didn't like the movie Knights tale or Broke Back Mountain. Personal never seen BBM even though everyone raved on and on about it. But I am excited about the new Batman movie that Heath was doing so I guess its a huge loss. I wonder if he was done filming enough of his stuff for the movie to be finisihed?

He was only 28 wow I'm 32 having lived 4 more years then someone...I've gotten to do a lot of things in the last 4 years that I wouldn't want taken away. I imagine he is in a better more peaceful place now. His body and soul are resting or at least I hope so.

Sharks won at home again which is great! 4-1 against the St. Louis Blues. Yea we needed this win. Because in our Division Dallas & Anaheim were able to sneak on past us with our previous 4 losses. So its good we pulled these last 2 wins out. Oh another great thing about the game Cheechoo scored 2 goals. He hasn't been doing so hot since he's been back from his injury so maybe he's finally getting into his grove. He use to be so exciting to watch play.

So I went to WI on tuesday night like usually but it was after coming back from my cruise. I lost another 1.8lbs!!! So woo hoo. This WW thing really works. Um I am really liking this lifestyle change so far. While on the cruise ship I could totally tell what my changes in behavior were from last year to this year. It was easy. The food thing for #1. I didn't care about the Buffet. Who wants to sit there stuffing themselves. Its just food really and it isn't that great anyway. They did have some fabulous sugar free deserts though. I did exercise while on board. #2 I walked around the ship on deck making it a point to get my pedometer steps up. I also visited the gym on Saturday. Because Saturdays are one my normal gym days. I was thinking I would have never ever done this before. I am so changing my life. Wow good for me :)

Me & Stevie just relaxing on Sunday up on deck 11 of the cruise ship. The one thing I love about going cruising I think is that you don't have to be anywhere usually at anytime. I mean not really. If you have port excursion then you have somewhere you have to be but otherwise is pretty laid back. I love it. I also really love going with so many people/friends year after year because you get to know them more and more each time we go. This is our 3rd year now going. I know you'd think we were bored of it but were not!

Me dressed up with 2 friends Dev & Whitney fellow cruisers. Once I get some more pictures I will post them. I forgot my camera in my rush out the door. So I have no photos of me and Steve dress up. Only those of what other people took of us. Crazy huh. I am depending on others right now Ekkk!