Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am a slacker...

Its been way too long since I sat my happy butt down and wrote in here. With my facebook account I feel like I say just about everything so no need to do the whole "blog" thing anymore.

Well not really. I mean I never talk about my weight on FB. Well not usually. I am so lost right now, Unmotivated! I'm working on it. I read another ladies blog its called Cranky Fitness. She cracks me up. I recently read an old blog post of hers about motivation. That its a job to get yourself back there. Yep thats how I feel. Like every time I am getting back into the swing of things I just do something stupid to fall back in my same routine.

A few days ago I signed up to do my 2nd 1/2 marathon. My friends were kind of giving me crap about spending the money to do it. All I was thinking was why would I be worried about the money if it gets me back into the frame of mine I need to be in. That is PRICELESS in my opinion. Its hard, I don't know how some people in WW's get so far with hardly any set backs. I mean there was a change in me. I want to be different and process things differently but its just been a rough road this last few months.

So yea signed up for a 1/2 marathon. I am hoping to actually run most of this. I mean my last I walked almost all of it. I walk pretty fast on average, but I know I can do way better!

Need to get some of this weight back off my body so it will be easier for me to actually run.


The Mama said...

Which half marathon did you sign up for? Amelia and I are going to come up for the SF marathon and do the 5k... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, *I* woudln't pay for a 1/2 marathon...but kudos to you for doing it, and who cares...it's whatever motivates is all that matters. I'll see you guys that weekend!