Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OMG I cant even make it a week!

So I was so trying, obviously not hard enough though to post on my blog.

OK in my defense FACEBOOK. really I am telling you I am on there! Playing FarmTown... it takes up a lot of my "free" time.
Any how the deal is nothing was SWEET today.
Maybe a little Bitter Sweet. So it was 2 year anniversary for me and my friend of when we started WW's.

So the news... since I haven't been doing my regular meeting attendance & haven't exactly been exercising to my usual standards. I have back slid. Which I didn't think was a big deal. But it left me only losing 17 lbs this whole year!
So yea not so hot!

I have decided it time to fight back to be me again.. time to recommitting to the SUCCESS of myself. TO BE ALL I CAN BE!!! Um hope I don't get in trouble by the Army for using their catch phrase.

~ Anyway thought I would share!