Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lost again...

So I have been trying to get this darn weight from my vacation 2 months ago. Then not really being committed to my WL journey I just fooled around for about 1 1/2 months. I was kind of a drift. Well one of my friends said just maintain for a few weeks and then you will know what needs to be done to lose again.
Well I took that advice & I am on that losing track again

1st week of Dec - 4.4 pounds down
2nd week of Dec - 1.4 pounds down
3rd week of Dec - 2.6 pounds down

So now I only have 2.2 to lose which I am so trying to lose by the end of the year...would be even better if I could lose 6 then I would really be at 100 pounds gone! 6 pounds is kind of difficult though coming off the weeks I've had.

I just tried my 1st attempt at Spin class. It was kind of awesome. Except my booty kind of hurts, they really didn't make those seats for bigger booties! I sweated like I haven't done in a long while. I think it really helped. I'm going to try it again. People say its good to get bike shorts with the extra padding in them...yeah I wonder?

Anyway thats how I have been lately....
I am following this one person's blog that cracks me up. Cranky Fitness
She has some really good blog posts that I can so relate to.


Stephanie said...

Good job on the WL! :-) You're so close to 100 gone!