Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pictures from my walk....

This is dinner before on Friday night with the team..Urban Dog Walkers Unite

ONLY .2 to go to get to camp...THE FINISH LINE for the day :)

Oh mile 19!!! woo hoo

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Walk...

So my walk went great...

I accomplished more then I set out too.
I've done this walk twice before. Both times I've only walked the required 13.1 on both days (26.2 total) and last time in 2005 I even took a sweep vechile on the second day because I was scared of the hills so I didn't even walk a full 13.1 the 2nd day I only walked about 11 miles.
Well on Saturday I walked 19.8 miles (I wanted to walk more then the required 13.1) so I walked first 16.4 took a sweep to the top of the big hill at the golden gate bridge and they said it was 3.4 from there to camp. I was like I walked over this bridge and I can do it again...SO I DID! I walked over the bridge and down the hill & into to camp...4 blisters and all!

OH I was pretty sore, Then Sunday I walked out at 1st pretty slow. Sluggish I guess. Turned on my ipod with my speakers that were stuck in my fanny pack. I don't think I could have made it w/o my music. (Steve had to come up to San Francisco on Sat night because my ipod had died during the walk. I told him I couldn't make it w/o.) It took all that was in me to get across the finish line. But the motor cops who throughout the walk were there at the end cheering me. They were there at the last few 100 feet and it was a grand site! As I walked down the hill and finished although I'm sad to say I was one of the final walkers to come in for the day, I did finish!...but there is something to be said for that too.
You know why? Because then everyone is there to cheer you in. Its so awesome!!! Everyone you've met throughout the trip. People where saying Marlene Marlene we're so happy to see you. Thanks for finishing. You did great!
OMG as I walked through the finish did my 32.9 just short of 33 miles of walking I wanted to almost cry! Tears kind of did run down my eyes I was so proud of myself for making it to the end though! The last mile I was kind of praying for help I was so tired. I did train for this and don't get me wrong I am so much more fit now. But it was still hard. The sun was hot. I am just not use to walking almost 20 miles one day and then camping and getting up and walking another 13. It's just hard...but GREAT! Plus I as I read on a survior's shirt blisters don't require chemo.

I did go to bed last night on Sunday night at 8:30pm hhehehhe.

I've already signed up for the walk next year. I've never been so sure of something in my life. I met some incredible people this year. The team I walked with they were amazing! I will train with them so I will be in even better shape to take on this challenge.

I've already got a few fundraising ideas!!!
Well I want to try and raise $3000 this time around. I know I have big goals, but I know I can do it! :)