Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hello I am here

Yes I know its been nearly a month and there hasn't been a post from me on my blog. I don't have any really good excuse.
Just busy I guess.

We went on our cruise then I got sick. That next weekend we went to Az to see James before he headed back to Afghanistan. While he was here we had a chance to go the Temple. We went the Mesa temple this time. ( Our temple ) Hhehhehe it was so nice. We went as a family and did work for our family so it was great.

Works been pretty good we've been busy and I've been traveling around lately to different offices to help out. I guess since I drive my boss asks me over other people. Plus I don't really mind. Its fun to get out and travel. Plus I get paid mileage and overtime travel so whats not to like.

The Sharks have been doing great! They've now won 8 games in a row. They're pretty dang HOT! We watched them when it hurt to watch but we were there this season and we're still here :)
Its getting pretty exciting in the final stretch of the last 15 games. Our division is the closest race for the finish or at least last time I looked it was. But things change all the time.

We've got some pretty exciting players at trade deadline, makes for some excellent game play. Also very interesting to watch.

In other news Steve and I went to the Oakland temple this past week and we did some work for our Ward. It was nice as always. I already long to go back. Its so weird once you start going (at least for me) I just always want to be there. So we're already looking at when we can go again.
I fed 2 sets of Missionaries this week. I took them to a place that Mongolian BBQ. I think they really enjoyed it. They ate till they were bursting. Because Steve doesn't really like the place I had to have Norman drive them there though and Lisa & I went in a separate car. One of Elders was surprised at how much food you could eat.

Ok for todays busy plans....I am off now to go to the church for the Humanity Service Project for the Stake and in a hour or so I have to leave for Air Aerobics. That class lasts an hour. Afterward a light snack lunch. Then get ready for a babyshower. Then after that I'm going to a crabfeed with a bunch of friends. Then well it will be like 8pm.
My husband has a friend down from Davis for the weekend so he's entertained at least. This is the busiest weekend I've had a long time. Crazy!
Love ya all have a great week...